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Emerald Specks!

That is their BandCamp!

BTW You don't need to thank me for stuff like llamas and faves! You're totally welcome! ^w^



Do you like Pokemon AMVs? I like Pokemon AMVs…
This is one of my personal favourites.
It will blow your mind.

And if you're ever sad, watch this.…

Now, for the rest of this column, I'm going to be a little more serious than I usually am. If you're someone who's pretty easily offended (and I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just warning you), then you should probably not go through this stuff. Because below, I have compiled a collection of stamps that represent more serious views of mine regarding things like prejudice and sex/gender and things like that, and the opinions I hold aren't very popular, from what I've seen in the majority of social media. If you do decide to read these, then please understand that I do NOT hate feminists, SJWs, or anything like that. I've met many people in these categories that can be very reasonable and kind, even if we have differing views. Hell, my own sister is a feminist, and she's one of the most reasonable people I know. My issue is with radicals and extremists in the SJW field. (Radicals and extremists in any area can be extremely obnoxious, so I suppose it even reaches outside of the SJW category.)
Basically, the people that try to police others based on their own personal beliefs, or act like complete asses in public, things like that. Having opinions and beliefs is one thing, being an utter dick about it is another.

Rant: Because we all need warnings by Fragdog Victimizing Victims by Dametora MY FEELS, I CAN'T! by TR0LLHAMMEREN Excuse you, but NOPE. by World-Hero21 I have a right to my opinions too. by World-Hero21 Those Tears You're Drinking May Have Been Legit by Mintaka-TK It may be trendy, but it isn't cool. by ExplosiveSquid remove ur opinion it offends me by itsMYopinion Anti Self-Diagnosis Stamp by KittenDivinity This is More Common Than You Think by Mintaka-TK ''xphobia doesn't exist'' by OpposingViews Another Stamp by Twinkle-Dew ''I'm not racist because I'm not white'' by OpposingViews Double Standard by CobraCorroso It is NOT rape by CobraCorroso STAMP: Hope Your Employer Finds This by KrisTheTrashLord it's wrong - stamp by sademojii We are humans, we are equal by Akhnaton-II Request: We Need Humanism by World-Hero21 The Internet by SA948-Stamps It Can Affect Anyone of Any Background by Mintaka-TK Honest Opinion Stamp by MetalShadowOverlord Critique Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun POWDER MINUS PERJURY by TR0LLHAMMEREN If You Have Money, You Can Do Anything by Mintaka-TK BUT WHAT ABOUT WOMEN by Mintaka-TK the truth by x-angelic--murder-x Sexism Works Both Ways by TheArtFrog Freedom Of Speech Is A Human Right by TheArtFrog Safe Spaces Are Far From Safe by TheArtFrog Come at me, special snowflakes! by stamping-hammies:thumb567212618::thumb567211641: To all those who want to have a mental illness: by funlakota When Will the Edgy Tumblr Memes End? by NummyPixels yes all men?? by itsMYopinion feminist logic by itsMYopinion ''YOU NEED FEMINIZMS BECOZ YOUR OPPRESSED'' by Mintaka-TK Read a History Book, SJWs! by Mintaka-TK not your victim by Colliequest I prefer to agree to disagree by Colliequest That doesn't help your cause. by World-Hero21 People Are Extremely Immature by Mintaka-TK Support One Or The Other - You Can't Have Both by Mintaka-TK Gah, Both Sides are Ridiculous! by Mintaka-TK Rape Culture? by Mintaka-TK I would be a bigot to diss those who are not me. by Little-rolling-bean I Don't Have To Follow A Label I Don't Agree With by Mintaka-TK Oh, You First World Ladies Have It So Bad! by Mintaka-TK ''MY PRONOUNS ARE FAE/PUP/CRAP!'' by Mintaka-TK Stamp_Da fuq you mean with appropriation by Chivi-chivikStampity There's Going to Be A Million Stamps Now by endler IVE GOT ASSPEERRGRERRRSS LOLZ PPL!!! by Little-rolling-bean My opinion by Goldcoast456 Political correctness sucks. by DaBair Safe Places Don't Exist, Silly SJW by Mike-the-cat Rant: Fuck Pro-Lifers by Fragdog Rant: Freedom of Speech by Fragdog Stamp: Women are human by Riza-Izumi Morality =/= Religion by BoKStamps Stamp: 'BECUZ TEH GUD BOK SAYZ SU!11' by Catthylove Stamp: How is it by Riza-Izumi GENERALIZING OMIGAWD by Foedus-Stamps Excuses, excuses by Ramen27 I've Always Wondered... by SionnaDehr:thumb210949304: It Makes Me Lose Respect by SionnaDehr Oh NO by SionnaDehr I'm Offended by Your Reading of this Title by Starlow-FTW It's extremely disrespectful. by World-Hero21 I don't take people's word on anything. by World-Hero21 Look up Atheism before you throw this one at me. by Catthylove Stamp: *sings* Pathetic and you know it. by Catthylove Stamp: I swear, if your child gets out of control. by Catthylove Obvious Statement Stamp Number 507 by endler Ya Know, Everything's the Holocaust, In the End by endler Tis Just A Little Nit Pick of Mein by endler This is Coming From an Older Teen Who Loves Ponies by endler Are you fucking kidding me? by Little-rolling-bean

Other points I would like to address:
*Women and men have equal rights. I'd be willing to argue that women have more rights these days, like in child custody cases and prison sentences.
*There is no "wage gap". What is referred to as the wage gap is actually the gap between the average earnings of men and women, meaning all men and women in general. This does not mean that men and women working the exact same job get paid less because of their gender; that is illegal. The fact is, men generally drift towards higher-paying jobs whereas women tend to go into lower paying fields. (And don't give me that "it's all because of discrimination" argument. Find me an example of a feminist that got a degree for/wants as a profession- a job like construction working rather than gender studies. Then we'll talk.) Also, here's ShoeOnHead explaining the wage gap quick and simple, with several sources in her video description:…
*On the topic of Black Lives Matter, for a change of pace; Cops' lives matter, too. And before you lose your shit for me saying that, I DO recognize that there are some corrupt police out there. But guess what? More whites get killed by cops than black people do, statistically. You know why the black people are more prominent in social media and news? 'Cause no one gives a fuck about the white victims. And another thing - BLM activists will riot if any black person is shot regardless of whether or not the person in question is actually dangerous. For further explanation into why this is bad, another video:…
Also, as the YouTuber "The Fortress" so well-spokenly said, "Do you ever notice how when you're talking to somebody about Black Lives Matter and they bring up the disproportionate number of black people, specifically unarmed black people, that are killed by police every year, and when you counter by saying 'Yes, but many more white people are actually killed than black people every year', and they will cite the fact that it's a greater percentage by the the total population of black people who are shot', but when you bring up the fact that 'By a percentage of total population, black people commit many more crimes, specifically violent crimes, and this is a much bigger discrepancy than the over-representation of black people who are shot by police, it's a much bigger over-representation of black people who commit violent crimes'; so when you use this statistic to counter this idea that black people are over-represented when it comes to police killings... for some reason, that over-representation argument, by percentage of total population, it seems to lose a little bit of its weight in that situation. People don't want to hear - well, people on the political left, I should say - they don't want to hear that black people commit many more violent crimes by percentage of their population than white people do. They don't want to hear that. They don't want to hear that maybe that would explain the disproportionate number of black people who are shot by police. They don't want to hear any of that. And we refer to this as a cognitive dissonance, or a simpler term would be a "double-think". And it's something that has to exist in order for you to believe something that is false. And it's an attitude and belief that many many people on the political left, SJWs, and BLMs exhibit." (Source: 14:06 minutes into this video -… )
And another thing, are we just going to ignore the fact black people also sold and owned slaves? So, uh, not that the whole "blaming slavery on people living today" thing wasn't stupid in the FIRST place, but now it's just DOUBLY stupid.
*On a side note, why is it that the mere accusation of rape can ruin a man's life forever, even if he didn't do it, but the few women that are proven to have falsely accused men of rape get off scot-free? (Not to mention that many innocent men have gone to jail because of how hard rape is to prove.)
And don't get me wrong, any sexual assault case should be taken very seriously. But there is a reason that the saying is "innocent until proven guilty". Unfortunately, because rape is difficult to prove, (as stated earlier), many actual rapists also get away with their crimes. So honestly, this bit here is very controversial to me.

For more information on subjects like this, here is a playlists of good points I've compiled:…
(And yes, I'm aware The Amazing Atheist is an asshole. But that doesn't mean he doesn't make brilliant points.)


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The Wolf
I Am Not A Robot
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Hold Me Down


*claps hands together*

My body is ready. All-nighter mode activate.

*looks at clock*

Give me

10 hours

give or take a couple

and then I will finally be done with this

and sink into the depths of Hell where I belong for being such an awful person

*finger guns* See ya there, sinners ahaha murder me i'm so sorry

So, does Taelyr look better with or without glasses? 

102 deviants said I can't decide! :noes:
52 deviants said With! :la:
31 deviants said Without! :la:
Shelby's been reminding me all week and yet still I am shook jfc.
Anyways, AAAAAH THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!! *hugs all of you* Even though I don't deserve them, I've been such an inactive little shit lately
In all seriousness though, sorry again for just being... well... an inactive little shit. X'D I've been finding it increasingly difficult to just sit down and focus on shit, and having started work in April hasn't helped my case in that department either, lol. And this being the part with all the "everybody" questions, formatting and fitting as many people as possible has been kicking my ass eheheh... I've also been finding social interaction incredibly difficult lately, so I apologize also for all my old dusty messages *sobs* But anyways! Enough excuses, I have a question for y'all! Do you want me to just post one of the particularly long questions as a preview? Just as proof that I've been working on it and since I think you guys deserve something for waiting so long and so patiently? X'D If y'all would prefer to just see it all at once when it's done, that's chill too, I just thought I'd throw the option out there and see what you guys think! 
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And now for some random fun facts about my deviousness!
-I use MS Paint to create the comic pages, sometimes touching up with Photoshop!
-I do Question and Answers for the Explorers of Shadows after a significant number of pages has past since the last one! I like to space them out so that more things in the story can be revealed. You know, so that you actually have new questions to ask. So please don't go asking about posting another Q&A ten pages after the last one was completed. XD
-REGARDING RPing! I tend to accept most requests for Roleplays when people ask. HOWEVER. If I tell you that I am having difficulty thinking of a reply for a roleplay and you continuously ask me to reply over and over again, I WILL IGNORE THAT. You will get the reply when you get the reply. And I don't mean that like if you ask one day, and then ask again a month later if I still haven't replied, (heck, sometimes I even forget. So a reminder every once in a while would probably be good. XD) But I mean when people ask twenty times within a week to continue a roleplay when I've already told them I can't think of how to reply at the moment, it gets pretty irritating. Sorry to be so blunt. XP
-AND I DON'T DO TAGS. So please don't tag me in memes. Or if for some reason you're so compelled to tag me anyways, don't get pissy if I don't do the meme. Because, like I said, I don't do tags. XD

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